A two-hour drive north of Puerto Madryn, Argentina, is the penguin reserve, Punta Tombo. Estimates vary, but the most accurate seems to be that Punta Tombo is home to a very large number of Magellanic Penguins who spend summers mating and raising their chicks. (In May they swim to Southern Brazil.)

Only a small portion of the colony is open to visitors, though the penguins seemed entirely nonplussed about people and nonchalantly wandered amongst us. The day we visited was extremely hot, and the birds were obviously suffering. Penguins cool themselves by panting, like dogs. Some had died from the heat.

They nest - or try to - in borrows, and in the harsh sun, seek shade.


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… Many


Penguin borrows


Penguin burrowed


On tourist walkway

Here and there was a llama.


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