There were two lakes we passed, Lanalhue and Lleulleu Lakes, which are hard to pronounce and I never did figure out which was which. No matter. Both were lovely - and very cold. The path to this lake was scented with eucalyptus, an import which does well here.

Our tour was led by one Frau Schönherr, who came to this region of Chile 35 years ago. Many Germans (and Austrians) settled here during the late 19th and early 20th centurie to try farming. Their descendants are still here. As a result, "kuchen" is the Chilean word for cake. We stopped at a German restaurant for lunch - the Allemande something-or-other - and had delicious salmon, presumably from the lakes. This isn't the restaurant but a picturesque house nearby.


Puerto Varas, near Puerto Montt, is a tourist/vacation town, quite beautiful and fairly active. 


Here is a view of Puerto Varas (mainly right), the lake, and the three volcanos.


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